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Why "ProSHAKE"?

Here at ProSHAKE we believe in your convenience. We know how important your health and fitness goals are to you and without efficient and easy to use equipment you can have a lag. We bring to you the world's safest, most user-friendly, and consistently dependable protein shaker bottle for thick, creamy, and delicious post-workout smoothies.

ProSHAKE deals with easy to use shaker bottles and their export. Product is 100% safe and made from toxin free material. We have collaborations with some of the world’s biggest brand like BPI Sport, Max Muscle Nutrition, Proence, and many more. This adds up to our credibility.

Our Vision

Our mission at ProSHAKE is to reinvent and transform the shaker bottle industry and develop ground-breaking solutions that enhance happiness and health for anyone who utilizes them.

Our Mission

ProSHAKE was found on the ground to make the world's best shakers which can be used by people from all walks of life. We believe that your fitness goals are as important as your dreams and we need to reinvent and and constantly develop our shakers to support that.



- Harish Khari
Harish Khari is the Co-director of ProSHAKE. The company CHK Industries Private Limited was established in 2007. They started importing sports supplements in 2004. The vision of Harish was to introduce India with high quality and premium sports supplements also to keep it pocket friendly so that not only big athletes but they are available to all. That is after that only the company started distribution of sports equipment and the birth of ProSHAKE took place. ProSHAKE is the outcome of relentless effort and a desire to see a healthy India.

- Sunil Khari
The co-director of ProSHAKE Sunil Khari pledges to fulfill his dream of seeing India as one of the fitness countries and the highest contributor of gold level athletes. The corporation is aware of its role in achieving this goal, and that best-in-class and genuine sporting goods, supplements, and products are necessary. He started the notion of producing and providing shakers in addition to sports supplements due to the rising demand for shakers. All of this occurred in 2011, and the business is still expanding daily and moving toward becoming one of the finest in its industry.

- Nitin Rawat
Director Sales
Nitin Rawat himself is a fitness enthusiast and understands the needs of what is required to become an athlete or a bodybuilder by experience also, constantly he is inspiring youth with the message to stay fit and active by setting examples by doing. He is invested in this company as a sales director and agrees to the vision of the company. Due to his diligence and commitment, he can be regarded by his coworkers as a gem of a person who is constantly evolving alongside the company.
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