What Exactly Is A Shaker Cup

What Exactly Is A Shaker Cup? Understanding Shaker Cups

People have been talking about shaker cups a lot these days. So what is a shaker cup? How is it different from the regular bottle? Shaker bottle is surely different from normal lidded cups as the main function of a shaker bottle gym is mixing of ingredients and making a smooth and creamy smoothie. Shaker bottle for gym is only a great accessory but also highly functional. Even the mixing device itself has a variety of names, including the words "whisk ball," "shaker ball," "mixer ball," and "agitator," to mention a few.

Other aspects, besides the agitator, distinguish different shaker cups and are taken into consideration when deciding which protein shaker is right for you like a shaker bottle with measurements are also available in the market to make your job much easier. Being one of the biggest manufacturers of shaker bottle “ProSHAKE”, we are going to make it easy for you to understand why, shaker bottle?

Let us have a look at some of the essential features of shaker bottle best:

The material of the bottle

There are 3 major components of a shaker bottle glass: 1. Material of the bottle 2. Mechanism used for mixing 3. Lid. Let we look at each of these bottles one by one. 

Material of the bottle: shaker bottles are generally made of plastic as it can be easily moulded and formed into unique shapes it is also easy to carry and light weight. But many manufacturers do not follow safety instructions and use plastic that is not BPA (bisphenol A) free.

Why do shaker bottles smell so bad?

Most of the shaker bottles are made of BPA plastic which is toxic for human beings and the shaker bottle smells bad especially when you do not clean it on a regular basis. ProSHAKE comes from one of the few companies which produce BPA free shaker bottles. Our shaker bottles are 100% non toxic and safe to use. Its stain and odour resistance, extraordinary durability, and clarity make ProSHAKE a highly sought-after product feature that keeps today's smoothie from tasting like old stale protein shake from yesterday.

Mechanism used for mixing: what kind of mixing mechanism that is used to make a shaker bottle also influences the quality of the product. A shaker bottle no ball is not a shaker bottle at all. Shaker bottle ball or agitator is used to mix the shakes and smoothies which gives creamy and thick shakes consistently. It is also a major difference between a shaker bottle and a normal bottle. The agitator is kept in the bottle while mixing the smoothies; it is usually made of either plastic or metal spring, both of which work just fine.

How to use shaker bottle?

Put water or milk in the bottle, add your protein shake and other powdered supplements in case you wish to add. Add the flavouring substance (optional). Do not forget to put the agitator inside now, close the lid and shake for a few minutes. Drink right out of the bottle. There you have it, a perfect protein shake right from an amazing ProSHAKE bottle.

Lid: Lid is one of the most important parts of the shaker bottle. It is basically used to option and close the bottle. A good quality and tight lid gives you security. After all, it's not all great to splatter your smoothie all over your clothes and furniture. Shaker bottle lid crack is obviously a sign of low quality and damaged product. Always check the entire bottle before buying. We don't make such mistakes here at ProSHAKE, go ahead and try out 1 of our products today.

How to open shaker bottle?

A ProSHAKE bottle opens with a click sound. It is made in this way so that you do not spill your favourite protein shake. The special design will not let your drink spill unless you actually open your bottle by hand.

Size of the shaker bottle

Size matters here. Shaker bottles come in different sizes like ProSHAKE blender bottle 400ml, protein shaker bottle 600ml, ProSHAKE blender bottle 700ml etc.  Always choose the one which you think is suitable for you. But too small of a bottle might not be a great idea as with a atleast a 400ml bottle you can use it for storage purposes as well. You can even carry water in it. Depending on what you're doing and what you intend to mix inside, you should choose a specific size. In need of a tiny serving of shake or planning to carry the bottle on a run with you? You need a tiny shaker cup, which is ideal. Want to make your favourite smoothie twice as strong or combine several different ingredients in a recipe? The ideal container is a big shaker cup.

Shaker bottle uses

  • Shaker bottle is surely a multipurpose thing, let us find out how we can actually use it.
  • The primary purpose will always be to mix protein shake
  • You can use it to mix pancake batters
  • Use it to store water
  • Protein on the go
  • Take it to the gym use it as an accessory
  • Just make iced coffee in it by shaking it with agitator

Shaker bottle styles

The top shaker bottle always works as an accessory. Even though we have ensured that it is multifunctional the design doesn't have to be boring. Nowadays, people even carry shaker bottles to the gym or yoga classes as an accessory. It is important for it to stand out. Let us tell you about a brand which can make it all easy for you.

With ProSHAKE you can customize your shaker bottle at affordable prices. If you are a gym owner, nutritionist, pharmacist or yoga coach you would love to advertise a shaker bottle as a goodie for your brand. ProSHAKE offers you unlimited colours to choose from and make your own combinations. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction. The bottles are safe to use and high quality plastic is used in them. The lid is strong along with the use of nontoxic colours to save your family from any sort of danger related to chemicals. ProSHAKE is the leading brand for customization of shaker bottles. If you are a business owner and would like to create your own customize shaker bottle contact us on the details given below.

Introducing the ultimate protein shaker bottle, designed to make your fitness journey a breeze. Our protein shaker bottle is a must-have for every fitness enthusiast. With its sleek design and leak-proof technology, you can confidently carry your protein shake on the go. The built-in mixing ball ensures smooth and clump-free shakes, making it easier than ever to enjoy your best protein powder. The durable BPA-free material guarantees long-lasting use, while the convenient measurement markings help you achieve the perfect protein-to-water ratio. Say goodbye to lumpy shakes and hello to a seamless protein experience with our top-notch protein shaker bottle.

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