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ProSHAKE: Best Shaker Manufacturers and Exporter

Right kind of equipment is required for perfect training each time. While a decent diet and regular exercise are essential, these add-ons are what keep you as productive as possible.

We are sure that you love your protein shakes to be smooth and perfect each time and for that you must have the perfect and reliable shaker.

This is where ProSHAKE shaker comes into the picture. The company was established in 2007 and now even after so many years it is a great name in the market for the world's best shaker for your pre and post workout meal. We are a Wazirpur, Ashok Vihar based company for the manufacturing, customizing and exporting of shakers all around the world. Since we are the manufacturers as well, we have our own production unit for these shakers and we take 100 percent responsibility for the quality of the product. We keep our head high when it comes to safety, quality and customer support. We guarantee 100% satisfaction from the first to millionth purchase.

Benefits of having a gym shaker:

There are certain benefits for including a shaker in your gym bag. Some of those are mentioned below.

Easy to use

  • Smooth and lump free shakes each time
  • No requirement of electricity
  • No special equipment is required for blending

What are the characteristics of a good shaker bottle?

It is important for your protein shaker to be easy to use and convenient , it is crucial to pick the proper one. Choosing the ideal workout shaker bottle might be a bit challenging because there are so many different styles and sizes available. To ensure that you make an appropriate purchase for yourselves, here are a few characteristics you can look for:

It should be made of good material only and it ensures no lumps at all. ProSHAKE is made of  PP and HDPE Fresh Plastic Granules which are great for use, durable and non toxic.

The size of the bottle. You should be able to identify which size of shaker you require. The standard size of the shaker bottle is 500ml. You can even choose a smaller or bigger bottle as per requirement. ProSHAKE bottles come in many different sizes so that you choose from various varieties suitable for you.

The lid of the bottle. It is one of the very important factors in a good shaker bottle. The lid should be properly sealed so that you won't spill your drink while shaking. It should not leach out so that you can even take it with you when you are traveling. ProSHAKE bottles come with spill proof technology with guarantee 100% no spilling.

It should be absolutely BPA free. BPA or Bisphenol A is a toxic substance which is harmful for the human brain. It must not be used by kids at all as it declines their cognitive development. For females it disturbs the hormonal flow and it is harmful in many other ways too. ProSHAKE bottles are BPA free and can be used by anyone.


ProSHAKE is a big name in the market when it comes to shakers but what this company does is way beyond that. ProSHAKE is an international brand and it is working with many big fitness supplement manufacturers all around the world. Now, we are even importing goods of different kinds of plastic from China as well. So, what do we actually do?


ProSHAKE is a protein shake manufacturer with a manufacturing unit in Wazirpur Industral Area. It produces shakers in bulk. Even with the mass production the quality of the bottles are maintained. The bottles are non toxic, spill proof and come in all sizes. You can count on us for smooth consistency of protein shakes each and every time.


If you are a shaker bottle wholesaler, we would love to hear from you. We invite you to collaborate with us and do the business. As we are one of the leading manufacturers of shaker bottles we are constantly looking for new brands to collaborate with. We'd be pleased to supply you with shaker bottles. As we are aware that everyone has various needs when it comes to exercise, diet, and supplements we have a wide variety of shaker bottles in different colors and designs. We have a range of shakers of all varieties and different prices so that whatever your budget is we have the right option for you.

Exporter for Protein Shaker Bottles

Our business is global and we are currently exporting shakers to many different countries like Nepal, Mayanmar, Sri lanka and Dubai. We are now importing certain varieties of shaker bottles from China as well. We are a leading producer of shaker bottles and the demand is high. So, to meet up the demand many times we find ourselves in need of shaker bottle importers too. If you are a manufacturer or importer of shaker you are in luck as we may even be able to give you business feel free to contact us regarding the same. Go ahead, drop us an email and we will revert you back as soon as possible.

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