A Shaker Bottle's Benefits

A Shaker Bottle's Benefits

You'll notice a range of various ways to drink liquids if you just look around at the gym or the office, including insulated tumblers, glasses with paper and plastic, gallon jugs, and plastic bottles. The options are endless!

Shaker bottle meaning

A shaker bottle is the one which is used for mixing protein shakes and other supplements. It usually includes a metal spring or a plastic ball specially designed for mixing. You can easily mix your protein shake in it and store your smoothies as well.

Let us look at what are the advantages of shaker bottles over all these options.

  1. Say bye bye to blenders: The primary purpose of the shaker bottle is mixing protein powder and other supplements in the liquids. It contains a shaker bottle spring ball or plastic ball which makes the job easier. This ball is called an agitator or as commonly referred to as a protein shaker ball. It bounces in the bottle to give your shakes a good mix and at the end the creamy and non-lumpy shake each time.
  2. On the go protein: You become more and more aware of how crucial it is to feed your body and muscles with protein as you learn more about your body and nutrition. The world is not perfect and we need our protein quick, easy and tasty. Here the shaker bottle comes in to save you time and energy, you can just add your protein powder with milk or water shake, grab and take it on the way to your college or office with no hassle.

Shaker bottle vs. normal bottle

A shaker bottle is much more convening to use than a normal bottle as it is usually proven to be leak free. So ask yourself why does my shaker bottle leak? That is because the special technology that is required to make shaker bottle tops or shaker bottle cap is not used on the in yours, shaker bottle leaking is clearly a sign of low quality product. In Fact we should not even consider a leaky bottle a shaker bottle. A shaker bottle is designed to be carried on the go. It usually has a loop on the top which makes it easy to carry around including the two major benefits listed above.

Is blender bottle microwave safe?

The answer to this question totally depends on what kind of plastic is being used in the manufacturing of the blender bottle. If you wish to buy a microwave safe blender bottle choose ProSHAKE of the leading shaker bottle manufacturer in Delhi. This company uses the highest quality BPA free and microwave friendly plastic in the manufacturing of shaker bottles. You can always check the shaker bottle reviews before you buy the product. It adds up to the credibility of the product. Apparently ProSHAKE has an amazing number of customer reviews which proves the quality services provided to the customer.

Shaker bottle how to use?

You can just put all the dry ingredients and liquid ingredients in the bottle with the agitator and with some shaker cup juggling for a few mins. You will get your thick and creamy protein shakes consistently.

What size shaker bottle should i get?

Always go for the bigger sizes like protein shaker bottle 500ml, shaker bottle 300ml, blender bottle 600ml or in fact shaker bottle 700ml. Blender bottle xxl not only make your life easy just by giving your shakes a good mix but they also can be used for storage of water or smoothies.

Where can i buy shaker bottle?

You can count on ProSHAKE for your shaker bottle needs. Reasons to buy your shaker bottle from ProSHAKE:

  • They can customize your shaker bottle by adding amazing and cutting edge designs on them like your company logo and you can use the shaker bottle as a gift for your employees or customers.
  • BPA free plastic
  • Shaker bottle that doesn't leak
  • Light weight
  • Bright colours
  • Come with agitator or shaker bottle ball

Where to buy cheap shaker bottles?

Too cheap a shaker bottle might not be a great idea to look for as it may be a sign of poor quality. With ProSHAKE you can get your shaker bottle at reasonable prices and with a wide range of products.

Do I need a shaker bottle?

If you need your protein on the go, easy to make and do not want to waste your time mixing your supplements with milk or water shaker bottles are the way to go. Buy yours now today.

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