How can a shaker bottle help in promoting your business

Purchasing Advice & Creative Ideas for Personalizing Shaker Bottles

Being a business owner comes with its own responsibilities: one has to be creative and thoughtful about their customers. In order to run a business one needs their own time and money but most importantly new and creative ideas. In the fitness industry there are tons of nutrients and fitness trainers who are leaning towards customizing stuff. The best in this case would be customized bottles.

Giving free goodies specifically a shaker along with your subscriptions are always great, for promotion and personalized experience for your company as it gives an idea of what you do and it is very functional also so that if your customers are going and taking your shaker bottles with they will be able to flaunt your brand name.

How can a shaker bottle help in promoting your business?

Everybody these days is into fitness goodies like a shaker bottle since it is functional. They can also carry it to their yoga classes, cross fit workout, jogging or even to their gym.

What to put in shaker bottle?

One can use a shaker bottle in many ways you can mix your protein shake, and other supplements. It can be used as a water bottle, you can even store your overnight smoothies in the fridge.

Do shaker bottles work?

Honestly, shaker bottles work great for mixing your supplement. They come with a bottle which can be used for mixing and a good shaker bottle is BPA free which makes it non toxic and you can store your shakes in it as well.

So which industries can benefit from it?

PTs and gyms

While you take a gym subscription or sign up with a fitness trainer a shaker bottle makes it a wonderful add on. It adds value to your service, just any goodie would not have the same effect as a shaker bottle has its edge. It can even be given at the renewal of the membership. It will be helpful to the clients who are doing cardio training and to those who are lifting weight.

Dieticians and nutritionist

A nutritionist or a dietician would always suggest you a certain amount of protein consumption along with your fitness routine. Mostly it requires the consumption of protein powder and other supplements. A shaker comes in handy here. The use of your company logo printed shaker can be encouraged here and a good quality shaker is always a cherry on the top.

Vitamin store

If you are somebody who runs a vitamin store a shaker promotion seems like a great idea for you. Put printed shaker bottles on your shelf to follow the example of GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe. You can upgrade your shaker bottle game with the use of your brand name customized on it. By printing your logo and name on it your customers will always remember the way back to where to buy the vitamins when required.


College students don't really plan their day. They just get out of bed and run the classes. This means their breakfasts are quick and easy, having protein shake with shaker bottle, something like a shake. If your brand name shaker bottles are accessible to them they will surely prefer to buy it. You can consider selling it in the book store.


Pharmacy is known to be the shop of health and wellness. Pharmacy does not only sell medication but also stuff required for health and wellness and shaker bottles are one of them. A shaker bottle for protein shakes is something used worldwide and can be put on the racks where everyone can see them and consider buying. It becomes irresistible not to buy one for yourself.

Athletic Teams

Get your athletes one of your brand named bottles and give them more power to win the games. The shaker bottle insulated 100% and can be held by a person even while running. They can grab one for the protein shakes which will even get them in the field for long.


Marathons running is one sport that people love to take part in. Imagine runners using your shaker bottles in the breaks and taking their energy drinks. And all the bikers, runners, swimmers taking their post workout shake at their finish like using the shaker with your company logo. What would be better than that?

Tips to customize your shaker bottle

  • People will want to always have a reliable shaker bottle with them. To ensure that yours looks excellent, use the following design advice:
  • Use high quality plastic it should come with a ball for shaker bottle
  • Choose a bigger size, do not use a shaker bottle small size a shaker bottle with storage is always great.
  • Use the colors which pop
  • Choice of design should be appealing

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